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May 23, 2002

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North Cyprus is the Turkish version of its Greek counterpart. North Cypriots speak/write in Turkish, spend Turkish lire, and preserve a culture that's anathema to the south, so this island offers two countries in one despite what the UN might say (No other country besides Turkey recognizes the independence of North Cyprus).
Kyrenia, or Girne, is the most pleasant coastal city on Cyprus.
You can find the world's oldest shipwreck (over 3500 years) in Girne.
We walked and hitched our way 10 km out of Girne town to see this fort that 'inspired' Disney's castle. Looks like none of the Turks here have seen Disney's castle or they wouldn't make such a claim. The best part about this trip was using soldiers to flag down cars so we could catch a ride (armed soldiers can be very effective about stopping cars).
The North Cyprus flag floats over a small village.