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January 8, 2002

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Green grass covers the gentle hills of the Masai Mara. Jan-Feb is the short dry season, or semi-wet, so visitors see the best of dry weather and green scenes. This isnít the season for the best game viewing; the Great Migration, a herd of over one million wildebeest and zebra, doesnít arrive until July. However, Masai Mara game viewing is always exceptional. An important feature that distinguishes Masai Mara from other big game parks: the guides can drive off road so you always get in-your-face photos and close-up encounters.
Hyena eyes dinner.
Air predator and our favorite bird, the owl. This one is a Giant Eagle Owl.
Vervet monkeys make good meals for owls and hyenas, so these little guys have many things to worry about. Unfortunately, they don't get vacation time from predators.
Giraffe skyline of the Masai Mara.