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January 3, 2002

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We needed two cabs and a mini-bus to reach Douala. Our first cab broke down in a geyser of radiator water. We crowded into the back of a public mini-van, a cheap way to travel, squashed and sweating with local residents. Police stopped the bus constantly and checked our driver's papers - even public transport isn't immune from police harassment. The bus dumped us in the outskirts of Douala. This is our last stop in West Africa.
Public transport Cameroon style: overloaded minibuses, no air-conditioning, 100 percent humidity.
Douala is a shaded city, Cameroon's largest, and the trees aren't the only things that keep you in the dark; the lights keep going out because the power grid is overloaded. The power company is owned by an American who must be from California (no joke, an American company runs the electricity in Douala and they're doing a poor job).