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February 6, 2002

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It seems as if we're touring all of Kenya's lakes; today we saw Lake Naivasha. This freshwater lake lies within the Rift Valley, an ecology quite different from the soda lakes we visited last week. Large animals and fish live in Lake Naivasha's freshwater. We camped on the lakeshore and listened to hippos graze at night. Crocs abound in the water, so we don't swim. Instead, we biked Hell's Gate National Park, a place that allows visitors to explore without a guide. Giraffes and zebras watched us as we rode by them.
Curiosity kept this giraffe standing still as I crawled towards it. These animals look huge, especially when you're crawling towards them.
Zebras aren't as curious as giraffes. They ran off as we biked towards them.
Zebras live in small, tightly knit family group, one male with several females. A zebra herd is composed of many zebra families. Occasionally, a bachelor will challenge and fight a stallion to win females and start a family.