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February 3, 2002

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Flamingos, geysers, and a carcass in a tree - that's what we saw in Lake Bogoria. The geysers, hot enough to boil eggs, bubbled and spouted on the crusty shores of the lake. Lake Bogoria has no outlet, so years of evaporation have left its waters salty and full of minerals. Blue algae flourishes in these conditions and attracts flamingo hordes. Thousands of flamingos pinkify the lake shore. As for the carcass, we found a dead warthog in a tree. Fresh leopard tracks covered the ground. Lake Bogoria is one of the few parks in Kenya where people can explore on foot without a guide. We beat the bushes looking for the leopard, but it didn't appear.
The hot springs at Lake Bogoria are too hot for a bath.
Flamingo flotilla feast for eagles.
Eagles prey upon flamingos. An eagle swoops, lands on a flamingo's back, and crushes it with razor talons. They're many eagles on the lake shore, and they look fat. Flamingo carcasses litter the shore.