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February 15, 2002

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(Hiking time: 8 hours) Prep day for the final climb, we hiked from the mountain's west side to its southern side, from 3800 meters to 4600 meters. Along the way, hail came down. The ice balls shattered on flat shale and sounded like glass breaking. We climbed the Baranco wall, a sheer cliff 200 meters high, then walked through the Karanga valley to the Barafu campsite. Through breaks in cloud cover we caught glimpses of Kili's smaller peak, Mawenzi, and even the biggest peak, Uhuru. Tomorrow we'll try to reach Uhuru, the highest point on this continent, 5896 meters or 19,343 feet high.
The peak looks close? No way. A seven hour hike from here.
Where's the elevator?