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Budget for Eastern Europe (US $)

This budget is not shoestring. The average daily cost includes accommodation, food, transportation, site entries and all miscellaneous expenses for two people. Accommodation consisted of inexpensive hotels, hostels or campsites. We averaged one restaurant meal per day (the rest bought in grocery stores, deli shops, street vendors). We traveled by bus, train, shared taxi, or hitch hiking. Other travelers could save an additional 10-20% by staying outside of town, staying longer in one location, or eating and sleeping at the cheapest places.
Albania $45 per day
Expensive to stay in Tirana but not elsewhere.
Bosnia Herzegovina $62 per day Accommodation ranged from $20-$50 depending upon city.
Bulgaria $46 per day
Average cost of double room - $15. Average train/bus ride $4 per person.
Croatia $66 per day
Dalmatian coast prices in high season.
Czech Republic $65 per day
Prague can be expensive. We stayed in a private apartment outside of the city center. Dine away from downtown to save money and avoid rude waiters.
Hungary $50 per day **
Budapest more expensive than smaller towns.
Macedonia $43 per day Expensive to stay in Skopje, but not in Ohrid - many homestays.
Poland $55 per day
Based on Krakow only. Stayed in a hostel and did many day trips.
Romania $50 per day * A lot of infrastructure for the independent traveler.
Slovenia $65 per day
Western European feel along with western European prices.
Slovakia $44 per day
As long as you get on the correct train, you can keep to low costs.
Yugoslavia $53-$65 per day In Kosovo and Montenegro we averaged $65 per day. In Serbia, we averaged $53 per day. Costs are high because there are no hostels (homestays only in Montenegro coast).

* Traveled with parents. Did not stay in hostels. Estimation from what we encountered.

** Stayed with a friend in Budapest. Estimation from what we encountered.