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August 29, 2002

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Bad health sets us back, literally. Carrying around a heavy backpack has strained my back to the point where I can barely walk; forget carrying a big backpack. I bought a sports girdle for support and as an added benefit it's slimming too so I can look trim in that outfit I wear everyday. We rethink our supplies and cut our carrying capacity in half: two outfits each, several bottles of anti-biotics, cameras, and rain-gear. It all fits into one backpack and three day-packs.
Our load is light. Between us we share: four shirts, two pullovers, two raincoats, two hats, nine pairs of socks, underwear (we wear our own), bottle of anti-biotics, two cameras, a laptop, toothbrushes, dental floss, a hairbrush, and one rollmat.
Zoltan saves us once again by letting us stay in his apartment, rent-free, while we try to re-organize ourselves for the next leg. He knows how to pick good restaurants too.
The real Orient Express, it runs between Istanbul and Paris (we saw it as it pulled into Budapest).