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August 6, 2002

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In his new Renault, Zoltan drives us to Hungary's version of Napa valley, near Lake Balaton. We taste wine (wein) in dank cellars. Zoltan teaches Hungarian; we learn that 's' is spelled 'sz' and 'sh' is spelled with an 's' unless you want to create a 'j' sound, then you use 'dzs;' Hungarian is an intuitive language. Jill is Dzsil and Wes is Vesz. Last names come first (Zoltan has two business cards, one for Hungarians with his surname first, the other for foreigners with his surname last).
Hungarian wines - not always easy to pronounce but good to taste
Where's the bartender when you need him...
Our favorite place in the Lake Balaton area is a town called Keszthely, but if you want a real hot-spot go to this red hot pepper store.