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August 3, 2002

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Have you ever listened to an hour long tour spoken in Slovakian? It's like a form of medieval torture, but accompanying a tour guide, even one that didn't speak English, was the only way to enter Trencin's castle. We learned the Slovakian words for 'don't touch,' 'the end,' and 'goodbye.' From this point we did other mind boggling things - like look at an old Roman inscription - before boarding the next bus to Bratislava.
Today we left Previdza and made it to Trencin (only a day late) to see this castle.
The town held a medieval festival inside the castle.
The main event: firing the cannon
A quick check in to the hostel and a few inquiries about directions didn't help us find our way but reacquainted us with how rudeness is a cultural trait in East Europe - back to gruff head nods, surly stares. It's strange that no one smiles because the beer is good and the girls are good-looking.
This is Slovakia's capital, Bratislava, and it's sleepy compared to Prague and Vienna - for geography buffs Vienna and Bratislava are the world's most closely located capitals, 60 kms apart.