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We camp in Kruger National Park, so it seems as though we're 'roughing it.' We're not. This is South Africa, a country full of amenities, and so are its campgrounds. The camp provides a swimming pool, laundry machines, hot showers, and most important, an electric fence. We hear lions roaring at night and on a nightime stroll I walked within ten feet of a hyena that sniffed around on the other side of the fence. As long as this park pays its electric bill, everything should be okay.
Trees are dangerous too - the sap from this euphorbia tree will blind you if its thorns don't stab first, and if burned, the smoke will be poisonous. That fact becomes even more ominous as we hear reports of brushfires nearby.
Lions do all of their grocery shopping at night.
You want to avoid a leopard's grocery list as well.