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In the morning we wander around Maputo. We're still struck by the contrast between the captial city of concrete, pavement, Coca-cola signs, and the outlying regions of dirt, palm trees, reed huts. We haven't seen much farmland and our impression is that the country is a supreme example of underdevelopment. No surprise that Mozambique imports most food from South Africa. We see evidence of this fact in the high prices; nothing seems cheap in Mozambique (except crabs), even though this country is one of the world's poorest. This afternoon we left Mozambique and entered South Africa, the continent's richest country. The change is drastic and immediate: English, ATMs, convenience stores, traffic. True to our wilderness ways, we will forego first world amenities and spend our first South African nights in a tent pitched in the park.
Mozambique woman use their heads - we even saw women balancing backpacks on their heads.
Our first stop in South Africa is Kruger National Park.