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We drove all morning on a northward path, passing through small, one street towns like Springbok, and watched the land turn brown and dry. At the Noordower border crossing, we left South Africa and entered Namibia. We're sorry to say goodbye to South Africa, where we found the best of First World affluence and the worst of Third World poverty, often side by side. It was common for us to pass dejected hovels made from discarded scrap as we made our way to a glistening, modern, and clean shopping mall. People leave their cars in parking lots or along sidewalks guarded by 'car watchers.' Security is omnipresent. These are outward signs of a huge gap in wealth between rich and poor. South Africa has issues in the same vein as the rest of Southern Africa, wealth must be redistributed in the face of simmering racial tensions and a global economy that views South Africa as a regional powerhouse but a small player on the world economic stage.
Today we crossed over the Orange river into Namibia.
Great accommodations, including private bathtub.