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Oudtshoorn could be called ostrichville. In early twentieth century Europe, women's fashion centered on ostrich feathers. Thus began the ostrich feather boom; local ostrich farms made fortunes selling feathers until fashion sense changed. Now people only use feathers as dusters. Ostriches are farmed for leather and meat. Ostrich doesn't taste like chicken; it's more like beef.
Not to worry feeding ostriches. They have no teeth. They also have no strong stomach acid, which has interesting consequences for their diet. They will eat stones and sharp objects, storing these things in their gullet. Body movement shakes the gullet and grinds the food inside to help digestion. Ostriches are known to eat anything, including wedding rings.
Omelet anyone? One ostrich egg equals two dozen chicken eggs
Ostriches are birdbrains; you can't control or steer them as you would a horse. Still good fun riding, they're quick!
Hold on to their wings and lean back.