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We left Vic Falls and re-entered Botswana to take another tour of the Okavango delta. This time we'll be traveling with only a guide as a companion. And what a guide! His name is Nick Greaves, and he's written the book on local wildlife, literally. He has several books in print about African wildlife and he's working on more. Any visitor to Botswana should hire his services by sending him an email at
Nick is a walking encyclopedic wildlife reference. He trains Jill and Amos, an apprentice guide, on the finer points of examining bone remains.
We walk through the delta up to our knees in muck. Nick carries his anti-croc rifle.
Other animals, like this vervet monkey, climb trees to avoid danger. Don't let that croc get too close...
You know what this croc is thinking? He's wondering if you'll taste good.