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This morning Simon and I angled for tigerfish. We only caught rocks but at least we avoided snagging hippos.
We left Chobe at 11:00 am and by noon, we crossed from Botswana into Zimbabwe. By mid-afternoon we walked the desperate streets of Vic Falls; people here are hungry for business. Due to the major political unrest, Zimbabwe's tourism industry has slumped. The events of September 11 have only made things worse. Visitors can't walk five steps without being accosted by vendors and money exchangers. We negotiate a good rate for our money, 235 Zimbabwe dollars for one US dollar. And since the largest Zimbabwe denomination is $100 (no one can get the new $500 bills), we receive a stack of money. Exchanging money is like pulling off a bank heist.
It's goodbye to our cook, Joshua, and driver, Big Boy. We leave the Guerba team, our companions for the last two months. We'll miss you!