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We confirmed our suspicions that Kathy, our tour leader, contracted malaria - she's the third of our group to do so. She spent her day asleep on medication. We've also reunited with the first malaria victim, Norman, who feels well enough to drink beer even though his face and mouth are covered in sores, symptoms that the disease pressed his body to the edge of endurance. While our malaria patients recovered, we wandered around Abijan. We visited the Cote d'Ivoire hotel that used to have Africa's only ice rink but now has several swimming pools (the ice rink melted). Mary commented that the hotel guests don't need a swimming pool since they already have showers in their rooms; maybe she's spent too much time traveling without a bath. At night the sticky weather converted our tent into an oven and we passed a sleepless night sweating under the stars.
Our first Dragoman group.
Everyone has a daily chore. Some people clean the truck, others build the cooking fire. We had the glory job: everyday loading and unloading backpacks into backlocker.
Not recommended for marital bliss, cutting your spouse's hair.
Huddling for shade under the truck.