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Final 7 hour hike back to Lukla, passing numerous small villages on the way. Life here is not a show for the tourists; people really live a primitive life, far away from the comforts of our world. We admire them but we don't want to join them. After another rough night at the lodge, surrounded by unidentified fir on the floor and bed mats, we're ready for some luxurious surroundings (but we'll settle for a hot shower and western toilet).
The colors of the prayer flags represent the five elements: air, fire, water, earth, wind.
This monk wanted to try out the walkman. Judging by his smile we think he really enjoyed it.
Prayer stupa along the trail. Remember to always walk around it clockwise lest ye upset the trail gods.
A final look at the Himalayas. When we were flying out of Nepal on a jumbo jet at 30,000 feet, some of these mountains were at eye level, an amazing thing to see out of the plane's window.