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We headed south and made our bumpy way to the Gobi desert. As always, at every stop the few locals in the area ride over to investigate and say hello - actually "sain bainauu." It's a nomadic tradition to meet and greet people that stop near your ger. Whenever we visit a family's ger we're treated as long-lost relatives. The gers always have a stove in the center. The floors are dirt or wood planks. Decorative, persian-looking rugs adorn the walls and add insulation. Usually the family hangs a picture of the Dalai Lama on the tent wall. The tent wall is made of wood lattice and a canvas cover. Besides the stove, there isn't much furniture. Typically we've seen a dresser, a few cots (the entire family shares the tent), and maybe a simple shelf for utensils and tools. The host family always serves a bowl of mare's milk with an alcohol kick - it's the local equivalent of beer. If there's any cheese hanging from the tent roof, that's pulled down and served. Lastly comes a teacup full of vodka - you're supposed to drink it in one gulp. Gulping the vodka lessens the taste.
This woman will use this milk to make airag - that lightly alcoholic drink served in every household. Of course she has to milk this horse in high heels - got to be fashionable.
Where the Gobi desert meets the Mongolian grassland - in southern Mongolia.