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Another hard day's riding - by the end of today we have traveled over 200 km on horseback during the trip. For the last few kilometers, we beat a hailstorm by galloping across the plains. The first few hail stones fell around us as we reached solid cover - luckily we can see storms a mile away on the plains. We're confident riders too, having spent many hours learning to relax, lean back, and let the horse run. After the storm blew over we entered Khorgo Terkh park. We can't understand why Mongolia bothered forming National Parks - the entire country is one big campground. No one owns land so squatter's rights prevail. Just pick your spot and pitch your tent. The open land, the freedom to camp anywhere is a legacy from Mongolia's nomadic heritage and communist collectivisation.
Mongolians love to build rock formations for good luck.
The local people always like to see the pictures and postcards of America