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We visited Peterhoff - Peter the Great's palace of fountains. We also met a couple, a Dutch man and Russian woman, who are an example of Russia's booming mail order bride service. Men from around the world visit Russia to find a bride. This couple spoke broken English to each other. The woman planned to study Dutch; the man said he would not bother learning Russian. The man said that he had been looking around for awhile and he was glad to have found "a good one." We weren't sure if referred to his new pair of shoes or his new wife.
Peter the Great's palace - Peterhof. The guy knew how to live. During WWII the Russians blew it up to prevent the Germans from holding a new Year's party. The Germans canceled their party and the Russians rebuilt the palace after they recaptured it.
The daily, obligatory Russian church shot - this one is near the Peterhof.