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December 26, 2001

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Back on the road. The nights have been cold, 9 degrees Celsius on Christmas morning, but as we move further south we hope the weather turns warmer, even tropical. The sun blazed during the day, so we can't believe that we shivered in the night. We're somewhere in central Cameroon. Our truck rolled slowly down the road leaving a trail of red dust. The country gradually grew hilly and more foliated. The villages looked more substantial in this area: graded dirt roads, mud brick huts, some covered in painted plaster. We stopped in a village hospital, a small building marked with a cross, and waited for Norm to receive more treatment; the malaria has caused his heart to race and he can't breath easily.
Psychedelic reed fences.
We can't resist taking pictures of these beautiful markets.
Sundowners club in the bush.