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December 25, 2001

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Merry Christmas! Rather than drive on rough roads, we enjoyed a Christmas break and lounged in our camp in north central Cameroon, near no major place, just bushes patrolled by baboons. We ate well: potatoes, cheese, soup, roast beef. Friendly local villagers visited our campsite and watched us exchange small gifts like fertility dolls and toilet scrub brushes. Then we played homemade 'Cranium' until bedtime, a game that combined charades, humming, trivial pursuit, pictionary, and the namegame. We left the villagers with a strange impression of tourists.
I'm always holding up the buffet line.
It's so hot out here we must bury our wine to keep it cool.
Draw a number from the hat, pick a gift.
No we're not playing on an indigo sports team with Jill as our coach. We just happen to like the same shirt.