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Racing through Northeast Europe, we hopped an overnight train to Warsaw (train rides between these capitals average $30 per ticket). We emerged from the Warsaw train station and felt eager to explore the biggest city we've seen since Moscow. We withdrew money from an ATM. In the last week we've spent Estonian kroons, Latvian lats, Lithuanian litas, and now Polish zloty. With that many conversion rates floating around in our heads we couldn't tell you the price of tea in any of these places. Warsaw is a unique European capital because every building here is new. The Poles rebuilt the city from scratch after the Germans leveled the city in World War II. The sun shined, perfect weather, and we toured Warsaw's "old town," a reincarnation of the real old town lost during war.
Lion around.
Warsaw's tallest building, a 'gift' from Stalin. The people hate this reminder of the communist days but they've made the best of it by turning this building into the world's tallest clock tower.
New old town.
Jillski Walz
Somber memorials mark Nazi execution spots during WWII. There are hundreds located throughout Warsaw.