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We toured Ulaan Baatar and visited Buddhist temples and museums. Mongolia's main religion is yellow Buddhism, or Lamaism, the same Buddhist sect that is practised in Tibet but not in China. A Mongol Khan bestowed the first title of "Dalai Lama" on a Tibetan monk. Mongolia has much closer religious and cultural ties to Tibet than anywhere else. In the museums we learned about the heydey of Mongol history during the 13th and 14th centuries, when Ghengis Khan (pronounced Chinggis with a "ch" sound and khan pronounced "han") and a few generations of his offspring conquered more land than anyone else; the Mongol empire stretched from Eastern Europe to the Pacific shores of China.
Fueling up your horse - do we get a free horse-wash with each 10 gallon purchase? (The gas is similar in price to the US, about $1.40 per gallon).
"Take me to your leader."