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Out of Africa, no literary reference intended, on the red-eye. Early morning we arrived in London, dumped our bags at a hotel near Victoria station, and went straight to the nearest tourist stop: Westminster Abbey. The Brits really know how to build a good Abbey. If Abbey building was an Olympic event, it would mean sure-fire gold medal to the Brits or Italians. Not to say that they have a monolopy on building skills - the world has the Chinese for walls and the Egyptians for tombs, just to name a few. However, I digress. Since one can only look at king and queen graves for so long, we left the Abbey, strolled by Parliament, Big Ben, and jumped on "the tube" (love those Britishisms) to Covent Garden. Since this is London's equivalent to New York's Broadway, we went to a show. After Africa we wanted to see the Lion King, which turned out to be a good show most notable for its excellent costumes. 
 Not your average Abbey...
not a bad bell tower, either.