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This morning we visited a 2,000 year old burial ground, the Mountain of the Dead. A dramatic name that is appropriate. Bones litter the ground. Even though archaeologists excavated the important tombs, they left a lot behind; mummified human remains, bleached bones, and pottery shards lay scattered everywhere. And since we're in Siwa, no one else was around, so we felt like archaeologists on a dig. Then we hired a jeep and driver for a four-wheel desert excursion. Our driver scared us by driving down steep sand dunes that were like ski slopes. We also tumbled around the dunes on foot, eventually settling down to watch the sunset turn the landscape into an orange sand sea. 
Mountain of the Dead could be renamed Bone Mountain
Climbing these sand dunes is hard work, or maybe we're just out of shape
Glad to be out of the jeep, our driver is crazy