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After spending the night in Marsa Matruh, we resumed our desert trek to Siwa. We drove away from the Mediterranean coast, going deeper into the desert, but once again the weather turned to rain and we saw a rare desert sight, a rainbow. In Siwa, an oasis town in the Western desert only a few miles from Libya, we had reached a tourist-free zone. There is little infrastructure here, just an oasis and date palm patch enclosed by desert sands that stretch for miles in every direction. Mule pulled carts are the main transport method. We explored Siwa on bikes, pedaling past mud brick houses with their distinctive flat roofs (no rain so no need to make roofs angular), and little children playing in the streets and always waving or shouting "hello" as we rode by. 
The oasis town of Siwa
Siwa taxi
Siwa's most famous site, the Oracle of Amun, which told Alexander the Great he was a god. Jill is hoping for similar affirmation.