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The turbulent situation in Jerusalem is too much for us, so we made arrangements to stay in Turkey longer and to visit Egypt earlier. Changing our flight plan wasn't easy since the itinerary involved flights on Turkish Air, El Al Air, and Egypt Air, with all tickets issued by Thai Air. Confused? So was everyone else. Throw into the mix a lack of English ability (on their side) and a lack of Turkish (on our side), and the result is a disaster salad. Luckily, İstanbul is truly an international city - all airlines had a representative around Taksim square, which is the city's modern hub. We spent the day shuttling back and forth between offices until everyone reached a general consensus on how to proceed. Hopefully the reissued tickets, complete with stapled coupons and written notes, will be enough to get us on the right plane.
Built by Justinian in 532 AD, the Aya Sofya was Christendom's largest church for 1,000 years. The conquering Muslims added the minarets later when they changed it into a Mosque. Now the Aya Sofya is a museum.  
Across the street from the Aya Sofya is the Blue Mosque. Can never get enough of these mosques.