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Another Cairo tour day. Unbelievably, we actually enjoyed an exciting time at a museum. The incredible King Tut collection displays 3,000 year old relics that are in mint condition. King Tut may have been an unimportant Pharoah in his day, however, his treasure was still immense. Another rare site we managed to find was a Cairo liquor store. Since the store was small and unlabeled, we searched the streets and relied on hand signal directions from locals who didn't speak English. Eventually, we found the store and bought some wine and beer. The Egyptian wine, Obelisk, is okay but it doesn't compare to the Egyptian beer, Saqqara, which is excellent.  
The Sphinx has seen recorded human history. Legend says it was placed here to face down Egypt's enemies. Alexander the Great and Napoleon are just two of the great people that have stood at its feet. Today it faces a Pizza Hut.
It may be demeaning to the Sphinx, but this pizza hut enjoys the best view of any restaurant we've ever visited.