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We left Hong Kong this morning, officially ending our China trip. In retrospect, we thought Xi'an was the best place to visit, followed closely by Yangshuo and the Great Wall. We were surprised by what we learned on this trip. Despite some of the primitive toilet facilities (these were only out in the mountain retreats and 2nd class trains), China is a modern country that seems completely capitalist (in truth, communism is in name only). The people have been extremely friendly, and it is fun to be the center of attention. You're treated as an honoured guest rather than yet another tourist. It also helps that the US dollar goes a long way in Asia. 
 (Above) Crossing Hong Kong harbour (Below) There are some fantastic new fruits in Asia. The red furry one is tastes like a big grape. The radish-looking thing is like a sweet white tangerine inside. (Further Below) In Thailand, you can buy a spicy beetle or roach snack; the vendor will spray your order with soy sauce on request