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Last night we caught a sleeper bus to Ghuangzhou, and then a hydrofoil to Hong Kong. We almost didn't make it, since the bus broke down around 3:00 am. At first we thought it was just a flat, but engine parts lining the road showed it was more serious (our bus driver, Mr Personality, wasn't saying much). To the driver's credit, he fixed the engine (leaving a pile of parts behind). We would have been more concerned if we knew what we were carrying on the bus roof. When we arrived in Ghuangzhou, the bus made a detour to the docks, where Mr Personality unloaded bags of snakes and crates of rats from overhead. I almost got a bag of snakes dropped on my head while I looked around to see what was happening!
 (Above) If only she knew then what was under that tarp overhead (Below) Fitting last words before before leaving mainland China en route to Hong Kong.