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After a marathon trip, we settled into Yangshuo, a small town about 70 km south of Guilin. Over the last 10 years, Yangshuo has become a haven for Western visitors, from backpackers to businessmen on excursion. We saw many white-faced foreigners, a startling site after being surrounded by only Chinese faces during the past weeks. Because there is such a strong Western influence in Yangshuo, we wouldn't recommend starting a China trip here, unless you want to slowly break into Chinese culture. However, the scenery makes Yangshuo a must-see on any itinerary (just do it at the trip's end). Since every cafe caters to Western food and taste, we gladly ordered pizza and burritos after 2 1/2 weeks of Chinese food. Later in the day we swam and then rested on a bamboo raft as it drifted down Yangshuo's Li river. At night, we fished with cormorant birds. The fishermen tie a rope collar around the neck of the cormorants. The birds dive for fish and the rope collar prevents them from swallowing anything they catch. It's a good deal for the fishermen, who keep most of the fish.  
(Above) Yangshuo scenery (Below) Raft relaxation (Further Below) Cormorant fishing