Serengeti, Tanzania
Flag of Tanzania
883,749 km²
31,400,000 (1997)
Swahili, English
Muslim 35%, Roman Catholic 33%, Protestant 13%
1 Tanzania shilling = 100 cents


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Our Thoughts

We have been fortunate to visit Tanzania several times. Game parks in the east are famous but the west is more adventurous.



Trip 2000 A & K Tour
August 15 Arrive from Kenya - Arusha - Lake Manyara Park
August 16 Lake Manyara Park - Ngorongoro Crater
August 17-18 Ngorongoro Crater
August 19 Serengeti
August 20 Depart for Kenya
Trip 2002 Dragoman trip with brother, Ed
January 12 Entering Tanzania across the Ahti river plain, we visit a Masai community. The Masai are pastoral cattle farmers that still follow their old tribal ways and customs.
January 13 We visit Arusha, Tanzania's second major city.
January 14 From Arusha we explore the Ngorongoro crater, a famed caldera created when a volcano collapsed in an immense explosion.
January 15-16 We camp for two nights in the middle of the Serengeti Plains, surrounded by animals and rolling grasslands dotted with acacia trees. At night we will hear the nocturnal noises of hunters and hunted.
January 17 We leave Tanzania for the Kakamega Forest in Kenya.
Trip 2003 Safari with brother, Kjell
August 16 Descend into the Ngorongoro Crater
August 17-19 Explore the Serengeti
  Western Tanzania - Going Solo
October 4 Enter from Malawi - Stay in Mbeya, Tanzania
October 5-6 Katavi National Park
October 7-11 Hitch our way to Ikola - waiting for a ferry on Lake Tanganyika.
October 12 Traveling along Lake Tanganyika on MV Liemba
October 13 Visit Ujiji, where Stanley met Dr Livingstone.
October 14 Kigoma - taking local boat to Gombe
October 15-16 Visiting Jane Goodall's Chimps at Gombe National Park
October 17 train to Dar es Salaam
October 18-20 Dar es Salaam
October 21 Fly to India


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