Naadam Festival
Flag of Mongolia
1,566,500 km²
2,570,000 (1997)
Ulan Bator
Khalkha Mongol , Russian
Buddhist 90%
1 tugrik = 100 mongo


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Trip 2001
June 28 Arrive Ulaan Baatar. Guided city sightseeing by tour bus to the Natural History Museum, Sukhbaatar Central Square, and the Zaisan Memorial Agent.
June 29 Drive to Khar Korin. Visit Erdene Zuu monastery (1586) and overnight in ger (Mongolian tent).
June 30 Tsenkheriin hot spa: ride and train on horses
July 1 Ride horses to Tsetserleg, travel along rivers such as Urd Tamir, Tsenkheriin gol, passing yaks and sheep. 26 km of riding, overnight tents
July 2 Ride horses to Taikhar Chuluu rock, passing the Tsagaan Davaa (highest point of trek). Overnight tents.
July 3 Ride horses to Khanui river. 20 km of riding, overnight tents.
July 4 Ride horses 40 km to Dongoin Davaa, overnight tents
July 5 Horsetrek another 40 km to Chuluut river, overnight tents
July 6 Horsetrek another 40 km to Terkhiin Tsagaan lake
July 7 Ride around extinct volcano, Camp on shore of Terkhiin Tsagaan lake
July 8 Tsenkher hot spa
July 9 Drive to Bayan Gobi camp.
July 10 Drive back to Ulaan Baatar
July 11 Naadam Festival: famed Mongolian celebration featuring wrestling, archery, and horse racing
July 12 Naadam Festival
July 13 Depart for Ulan Ude, Russia


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