Masai Mara, Kenya
Flag of Kenya
580,367 km²
28,400,000 (1997)
Swahili, English, Kikuyu
Traditional beliefs 60%, Roman Catholic 26%
1 Turkish lira= 100 Kurush


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Our Thoughts

We have been fortunate to visit Kenya several times. Each time gave us a unique experience.



Trip 2000 A & K Tour
August 12 Nairobi
August 13 Nairobi - Amboseli Park
August 14 Amboseli Park
August 15 Amboseli Park - Arusha
August 16-19 Tanzania
August 20 Arusha - Masai Mara
August 21-22 Masai Mara
August 23 Naroibi
August 24 Depart for Zimbabwe via Johannesburg
Trip 2002 Dragoman trip with brother, Ed
January 4-9 We have this time to arrive from Douala, Cameroon. If we're lucky and arrive early, we'll visit Zanzibar. Otherwise, we'll be spending our time in Cameroon.
January 10 Explore Nairobi
January 11 Leave Nairobi and drive to Arusha, Tanzania.
Re-enter from Tanzania:  
January 18 We walk through the Kakamega Forest, the only rainforest left in Kenya.
January 19 Head for Kampala, Uganda
Re-enter from Uganda:
February 1 Crossing back into Kenya from Uganda, we find ourselves in the heart of Kenya's western highlands. The climate is much cooler here than on the southern plains. The closest town is Eldoret.
February 2 - 3 We visit the Kakamega Forest, this county's last remaining tropical rain forest. Then we move on to Lake Bogoria where we see flamingos, geysers, and a carcass in a tree.
February 4 - 5 Moving south east we reach the atmospheric town of Nakuru, Kenya's 4th largest. The big draw is Lake Nakuru National Park, which has prolific birdlife, rhino, giraffe, flamingoes, leopard and more. Continuing a 'lake' theme, we spend two nights at Elsamere on Lake Naivasha, a conservation centre and game sanctuary.
February 6 We visit Hell's Gate National park on mountain bike.
February 7 Drive to Nairobi and along the way, admire the beautiful views of the Rift Valley.
Trip 2003 Safari with brother, Kjell
August 11 Fly into Kenya from Madagascar
August 12-14 Safari in Masai Mara,
August 15 Reunite with Jill's brother, Kjell, for a dream safari
August 20-22 More Masai Mara
August 23 Visit Giraffic Park outside Nairobi, leave for Zimbabwe


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