Camels and Oils
Flag of Bahrain
694 km²
581,000 (1997)
Arabic, English
Muslim 90%
1 Bahrain dinar = 1,000 fils


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Our Thoughts

Bahrain may have the strongest claim for being the place where It all started; some scholars say this is the site of the biblical Garden of Eden. The Babylonian's "Epic of Gilgamesh" mentions Bahrain as an island paradise where heroes live eternally. Historians know that Bahrain straddled the trade routes between Mesopotamia and Asia, which enabled it to grow into a trading empire that lasted for 2000 years. However, Bahrain's aspect has changed from those years. Any gardens have turned into sand. The trading empire, long since vanished, has been replaced by oil fields.

Bahrain is a decent place to visit if you're an archaeological buff. It has ancient temples and tombs left from the days when this country was an empire and not just a small island nation. Compared to other Gulf States which can't offer ancient remains, Bahrain provides a deeper sense of history. Compared to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain is a more liberal (and therefore, relaxing) place for a tourist to visit.

Highlight: Burial mounds. Over 85000 places of the dead lay scattered over vast, bumpy fields.



April 12, 2002 Fly to Bahrain from Qatar. We keep a low profile because of so much anti-American propaganda.
April 13, 2002 Learn about the Dilmun empire and visit the Garden of Eden.
April 14, 2002 Drive around the island and explore places of the dead.


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